5 Reasons To Buy Vintage

There are SO many positive reasons to buy vintage, see a few noted below if you're after a little more persuasion to shop vintage.

1. Firstly you can massively minimise your environmental impact by purchasing old rather than new. That gorgeous vintage jug you've seen in the charity shop? It's likely better made than a cheaper modern version. Before the throwaway culture, materials and products were made to last, if they were broken, it was easily fixable. 

When you purchase something new, it creates the demand for more, leading to more natural resources being used in the manufacturing process. And of course, it is probably made overseas so you also need to take into consideration the carbon footprint it will have just getting to your home. If you're looking to buy vintage it is likely that you already found it on your travels or can travel locally to pick it up. 

2. Vintage and antique items are usually excellent value for money. Most likely you will be purchasing the item and a small markup if purchasing from a reseller. If you're buying a new item, you will be paying for the item at a vastly inflated cost than just the item itself. A retail cost of an item made overseas will probably include shipping costs (from overseas to UK), import duties, marketing, photography, storage, shipping (from UK to your home) and sales costs. 

3. The thrill of the chase. Ok maybe this is just me! But I get a massive sense of satisfaction on finding something that I've been on the lookout for or stumbling across something so beautiful that hadn't even been on my radar. 

4. Its got soul. It might have a few little dents, scratches or maybe a crack here and there. It won't be flawless but I bet my bottom dollar it will have character, charm and personality. It'll be individual, have history behind it and perfectly imperfect 🥰

5. Shopping small. When buying vintage you'll likely be shopping local and most probably shopping at a small independent shop or charity. So not only will you be waltzing out of the shop with your fancy jug, you'll be lining the pockets of a small, grateful business owner rather than one of those big corporate giants (boo!)